• I’m currently a staff writer for International Business Times and I was formerly a Westword staff writer. I’ve also written for WIRED, Slate, Men’s Health, Bloomberg Businessweek, Men’s Journal, Popular Science, GrantlandThe Boston Globe, 5280 and other publications. Here are some of my favorite pieces:


    Rusty Shovel

    High Times At Rusty Shovel Ranch International Business Times, December 2015

    Marijuana farmers in California’s fabled Emerald Triangle are ready to go legit. Will it be enough for them to survive?

    (First place, 2015 Society of American Business Editors and Writers’ “Best in Business” awards)




    Road Home

    The Long Road Home International Business Times, August 2015

    Louisiana’s Road Home rebuilding program was supposed to help those who lost their houses to Hurricane Katrina. Ten years later, the journey home is far from over.






    D.I.Why? Southwest: The Magazine, December 2014

    Why do it yourself? One man attempts homespun perfection and finds enlightenment. But not before some serious unraveling. 





    Weed Legal

    Weed Is Legal. Are We High? Men’s Health, July/August 2014

    Legalization is fueling a revolution in more potent, easily consumable marijuana. The problem? Nobody seems to know if that’s okay.





    Invisible World

    Mapping the Hidden Universe In Your Kitchen Popular Science, April 2014

    Microorganisms surround us. It’s up to Noah Fierer — a natural historian of cooties — to find them.






    Spin Doctor

    Spin Doctor Wired, March 2013

    Lance Armstrong’s fuel guru reboots. His quest? Kill Gatorade.






    Altered State

    Altered State Slate, 2013-2014

    An extended look at the world’s first legalized marijuana market.





    Professor X

    Professor X. Westword, October 2013

    Can CU’s William Kuskin, a love of comics and a 35,000-student classroom save the humanities?






    Nerd Inc. Bloomberg Businessweek, July 2013

    CEO Peter Levin takes Nerdist Industries mainstream






    Code Read Westword, July 2013

    Aaron Clauset found the pattern behind terrorist attacks. It told him when to expect the next big hit.






    The Big Slapstick Grantland, March 2013

    Did you hear the one about Shaquille O’Neal invading the humor-research conference?






    The Laugh Track 5280, February 2013

    Can a bunch of dudes, some dirty jokes, and $50,000 make Denver famously funny?






    So Funny, It Hurts Wired, November 2012

    Deep within the entertainment juggernaut behind the world’s strangest game shows, a plan is afoot to take over the world.




    The Humor Code Wired, May 2011

    One professor’s attempt to explain every joke ever with a single Venn diagram.






    Word Westword, April 2011

    Adam Bradley created The Anthology of Rap  but he has a hip-hop saga of his own.






    Man of Letters Westword, January 2011

    Maestro of type Rick Griffith has designs on Denver. Bold ones.






    Mean Streets Westword, November 2010

    They came to this country to escape tyranny and abuse, but found more of the same working for Denver’s cab companies.

    (First place, 2011 Black Journalists Salute to Excellence Awards)




    Wired for Sound Westword, October 2010

    A bunch of twenty-something tech geeks are using social networks – and a million dollars in funding – to find rock and roll’s future.




    The Nutty Professor Westword, August 2010

    What makes us laugh? CU-Boulder professor Peter McGraw thinks he’s found the answer to one of humanity’s greatest questions.




    Stick It Westword, May 2010

    Everybody counted the kids out – until somebody handed them lacrosse sticks.

    (Second place, 2010 National Awards for Education Reporting; third place, 2011 Best of the West awards)



    Battle Cry Westword, February 2010

    Nic Gray survived Iraq. The real challenge was coming home.

    (Winner, Mental Health America 2011 Media Awards)





    Up in Smoke Westword, June 2009

    It was the biggest weed bust in Colorado history. Then it all went to pot.





    Catch Them if You Can Westword, June 2009

    In Ryan Ford and Matt Marshall’s world of parkour, there are no limits.

    (Notable story, Best American Sports Writing 2010)




    Father of Invention Westword, July 2008

    When Timber Dick died, he left behind a legacy beyond everybody’s wildest dreams.

    (Third place, 2009 AltWeekly Awards)




    The Good Soldier Westword, March 2008

    When the Army tried to take down Andrew Pogany, it messed with the wrong coward.

    (First place, 2009 AltWeekly Awards; finalist, 2009 Dart Award for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma)




    Pot of Gold Westword, December 2006

    Joseph Brodsky has a nose for great java. It led him to Ethiopia, in search of the greatest coffee on the planet.

    (Finalist, 2008 Missouri Lifestyle Journalism Award)



    Black and Gold and Brown 5280, April 2006

    Hank Brown flew missions over Vietnam, sided with Ralph Nader as a Republican and tussled with Osama bin Laden. Turning around the University of Colorado should be a cakewalk, right?





    Mr. Big Westword, November 2005

    Welcome to McDonald’s, where Steve Bigari is revolutionizing the drive-thru lane.

    (Finalist, 2006 James Beard Foundation Journalism Award and 2006 International Association of Culinary Professionals Bert Greene Award)